The Faculty of Primary Education

Department of Mathematics and its Teaching Methods

The Faculty of Primary Education is a genuine educational research and methodology centre for training primary school teachers, English teachers for primary schools, psychologists for educational institutions as well as social care teachers.

Highly qualified teaching staff of the Faculty facilitate the successful solving of the issues of educational process modernisation; improvement of the training of future primary school teachers, social care teachers and psychologists as well as activation of their professional competence, creativity and self-dependence.   

Future primary school teachers obtain undergraduate and postgraduate education: Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees as well as degrees of Candidate and Doctor of Sciences. The scholar schools established by professors I. O. Palshkova, I. M. Bohdanova, Z. N. Kurliand, S. O. Skvortsova and others are well-known in Ukraine and abroad.

There are four departments providing educational process of the Faculty: the Department of Educational Technologies of Primary Education; Social Pedagogy, Psychology and Pedagogical Innovations; Mathematics and Methods of its Teaching; and the Department of Pedagogy, where 6 Doctors of Sciences, professors and 24 Candidates of Sciences, associate professors are working.  

Postgraduate students and doctoral candidates can gain their degrees in the specialties “Welfare Work” and “Professional Education” to be able to meet the needs of the southern region of Ukraine for top-qualified personnel.

Amongst the Faculty graduates there are Honoured Teachers (V. V. Harmanova, M. I. Moskaliova, H. M. Panova, and others), winners of the contest “Teacher of the Year” (I. V. Buker, Ye. P. Haidai, O. P. Hromik, L. O. Zhdanova. O. V. Lekontseva), educational institutions principals (I. I. Stetsenko, O. R. Hrebenshchikova and others).

Taking into account contemporary requirements to educators, the Faculty is developing and diversifying its specialisations, improving and updating its facilities and resources, advancing research and methodological forms of educational process organization.  

The Faculty address: 4, Fontanska doroha Str., Odesa, Ukraine, 65009.

Telephone: +38(048)705-46-62; +38(048) 705-46-63.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Department of Mathematics and its Teaching Methods


Department of Mathematics and its Teaching Methods was established in 1986. The head of the department is Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor Svitlana Skvortsova. The department has 6 Ph.D., 5 associate professors and 2 assistant professors. Professors of the department train students for the specialties 014 "Secondary Education", 013 "Primary Education" and 016 "Special Education" in the following disciplines:

Elementary mathematics.

School course of mathematics and methods of its teaching.

Methodology for teaching school mathematics.

Methods of teaching mathematics in lyceum.

Methods of teaching mathematics in college.

Methods of teaching mathematics in university.

Advanced Mathematics.

The scientific work of the department is related to the training of future mathematics teachers. The department performs work on grants from the Ministry of Education:

(2009 – 2013) The theoretical and methodical bases of forming the future teachers’ competency in the field of teaching of naturally-mathematical disciplines (physics, mathematics and informatics).

  (2014-2018) Theoretical and methodological bases of formation of methodical competence of math teacher in postgraduate education.

  (2014-2018) Technologies for the formation of methodological competence of future teachers in teaching mathematics to pupils.  

  In 2020, the staff of the department completed a grant from the private school "Mriya" on the topic "Research of the scientific and methodological foundations of the formation of mathematical competence of secondary education."

The department holds an annual regional scientific-practical conference and the all-Ukrainian scientific-methodical conference every four years.

Members of the department conduct master classes, workshops, and webinars for students and teachers of Ukraine.

At the initiative of the department, international agreements were concluded with the University of Silesia (Katowice, Poland) and Sofia Technical University (Sofia, Bulgaria). Scientific seminars of the department are held with the participation of University of Silesia professors. Professors of the department, starting in 2017, participate in international conferences held at the University of Silesia and Sofia Technical University.




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