The Academic Council

The Academic Council of the University is a collegial governing body of the University, the competence of which includes: submission to the conference of the staff of the University of the draft Statute, as well as changes and additions to it; approval of the financial plan and report of the university; approval of curricula and study plans, decision-making on issues: organization of the educational process, implementation of the main directions of scientific research, scientific and pedagogical activities of structural units, on candidates for academic titles of associate professor, professor, senior researcher; awarding academic titles and scientific degrees of the University, etc.

The Academic Council of the University is headed by its chairman – the Rector, Academician Olexii Yakovych Chebykin.

 The Academic Council includes:

- Vice-Rectors;

- Deans of the Faculties, Directors of the Institutes,

- Chief Accountant;

- Heads of Self-Governing Bodies of the University;

- Scientific Secretary;

- elected representatives who represent scientific and pedagogical workers and are elected from among the Heads of the Departments, Professors, Doctors of Sciences;

- elected representatives who represent other employees of the University and who work in it on a permanent basis.

The coordination of the activity of the Academic Council is performed by the Scientific Secretary - Associate Professor <Bosak Nina Fedirivna, phone: + 38048-733-12-50


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