Research laboratory of training technologies "Skrepka" - summary of results and scientific research and prospects for 2023-2024


On September 18, 2023, an introductory online conference was held on the topic "Screpka Scientific Research Laboratory of Training Technologies - Summary of Results and Scientific Research and Prospects for 2023-2024".

Iryna Donatasivna Pospelova, the head of the laboratory, associate professor of the Department of Theory and Methods of Practical Psychology, South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky", focused on all directions of the laboratory's activities: organizational, research, design and publishing.

Specifically, the head of the laboratory focused on the results of a number of studies conducted with the involvement of higher education students and the publications of their scientific results, namely: on art therapy (Psychological features of art therapy techniques for the psychoprophylaxis of professional burnout in the individual); in conflictology (Peculiarities of overcoming conflict situations of persons with different levels of emotional intelligence); psychology of influence (individual psychological factors of the psychologist's influence on the client's personality); of crisis psychology (Manifestations of stress during combat in carriers of different types of temperament).

All participants are invited to the workshop "Skrepka" for the next master class on 09/27/23, which will be held in connection with the anti-bullying week.

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