Seminar-training "The formation of a trust credit for a public person"

December 13, 2018, the Department of Educational Institution Administration and Sivil Service conducted a seminar on "The formation of a credit to a public person" with a view to forming and developing managerial competence of future managers in the specialty 073 "Management" and bachelors of the specialty 281 "Public Administration and Management", and also within the vocational guidance work.

The training has been conducted by the candidate of political sciences, associate professor of the Department of Regional Construction and Public Administration of the ORID NAPA under the President of Ukraine, a member of the National Unions of Writers of Ukraine and Bulgaria, Honored Journalist of Ukraine Ivan Heorgiyovych Nenov.

During the training the following questions have been considered:

- verbal and non-verbal communication;

- mistakes made in public speaking;

- overcoming excitement during public speaking;

- genres of public activity.

In addition to the masters, students and lecturers of the department, the leaders and representatives of the administration of educational institutions, representatives of public administration bodies, public figures have taken part in the seminar-training.

All participants have been presented with certificates.



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