Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Odesa about the work of the Confucius Institute at Ushynsky University

“In addition to business cooperation, I would also like to blacken out the cooperation in the humanitarian sphere. The Confucius Institute at South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University K.D. Ushynsky has been working for 7 years and is becoming increasingly popular among students, schoolchildren and those who want to learn Chinese. At present, more than 2 thousand people are studying there. different ages. The students explained to me the reason for their choice of Chinese, which is not only the charm of Eastern culture, but also the opportunities that China has today for the whole world. With knowledge of Chinese, it is easier for them to find a decent job. There is a tendency to intensify exchanges and cooperation between the universities of our countries. ”

General Consultation

People's Republic of China in Odesa 03.03.2019

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