"TREE OF LIFE" Exhibition of works by teachers and students of the Faculty of Graphic Arts


On May 1, 2022, an online exhibition of works by teachers and students of the HGF was opened on the Facebook and Instagram social networks on the page of the Faculty of Graphic Arts.

War, fears, destruction, victims, refugees, human tragedies… However, every Ukrainian has in his heart - warm Hope and Faith for Victory, Peace, reconstruction and prosperity in our prosperous country. With the exhibition project "TREE OF LIFE" we want to support, embody in visible images a positive program of the Renaissance. The Tree of Life - an eternal image - a timeless archetype that embodies the theme of constant movement of life, renewal, gives a stable model of the world, has an inviolable axis that connects the worlds (underground, earthly and celestial), embodies the cultural connection of generations. and transfer of knowledge and experience. The Tree of Life can be found in the traditions of every nation around the world. In the art of Ukraine, trees bloom on towels and embroideries, on Easter eggs and ceramic paintings, in carvings and iconography.

In the virtual exhibition of works by teachers and students of the Faculty of Graphic Arts of Ushinsky University, the image of the Tree of Life is embodied in various arts: realistic and decorative painting, various graphic techniques, batik, tapestry, ceramics, embroideries and applications. The variety of compositional solutions combines the transfer of a powerful movement of life, the desire for light, the joy of flowering and fruit ripening, a sense of shelter in the shade, comfort under the crowns. THE TREE blooms, LIFE goes on! Glory to Ukraine!

Curator of the exhibition: Anna NOSENKO

Пустая синяя полоска

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