Summing up the Days of Science 2022 at Ushynsky University

On May 25, 2022, Ushynsky University summed up the Days of Science 2022, which was attended by researchers and teachers and graduates of the university. The Rector of the University, Doctor of History Andriy Krasnozhon congratulated the scientists on their professional holiday and wished them new achievements and achievements at such a difficult time for the state. Traditionally, on the occasion of Science Day, the university celebrates all those who have had significant achievements in scientific activities this year. This year, 81 scientific and pedagogical workers and 38 applicants for higher education were awarded with gratitude from the university. In total, as part of the celebration of Science Days-22 at the university and beyond, the university staff initiated 4 scientific conferences, 11 seminars, 2 round tables, workshops and trainings. Three lecturers gave open lectures in foreign free partners and four foreign experts held events within the university educational, informational and cultural centers and departments.

Пустая синяя полоска

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