Video project of an examination lesson on the theory and methods of teaching modern dance

Online learning has opened up new opportunities for creative self-realization. This is convincingly proved by choreographers majoring in 024 Choreography. They not only offer bright figurative performance work, but also activate artistic and figurative thinking, expand the boundaries of artistic worldview and competence. Each choreographic exercise is filled with figurative meaning and encourages creative inspiration in its performance.
The proposed project is a striking example of the use of art synthesis and integrated learning. It is also interesting to use interactive technologies that stimulate associative representations with painting. Students have mastered video technology as an effective methodological resource for creative activities.
This is not the first video project of choreographer students under the guidance of their teacher - Olga Mikulinskaya. Thank you for your creativity and we look forward to new masterpieces.

Пустая синяя полоска

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