The Heavenly Hundred. Heroes do not die

February 20, 2014 became the blackest day in the history of the independent Ukrainian state: dozens of Ukrainians who protested against the regime of the then president died in the center of the capital. Students were the first to gather in the center of Kyiv on one of the November evenings to express their disagreement with the position of the president, who purposefully surrendered the national interests of Ukraine to Russia, choosing not the European path of development, as promised, but the Russian one. For this they were dispersed by "Berkut". After the students were beaten, there was no strength left to remain silent. Instead of hundreds, thousands, and later tens, hundreds of thousands of people came to the Maidan... All of them were united by the dream of living in a democratic European country, of being masters of the land given by God.
On the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the Euromaidan, Filiptsova Kateryna Anatolyivna, PhD in Biology, Associate Professor of the Department of Biology and Health Care of Ushynsky University, held an educational hour with the students of the 3rd year of study in the specialty 014 Secondary Education (Physical Culture) on the topic "The Heavenly Hundred. Heroes do not die".
Man does not die. He lives as long as he is remembered... The people who fell under the bullets in those cold autumn and winter days and nights will live in our memory forever. At least in the memory of those of us who are Ukrainian not only by passport, but by spirit and consciousness, who aspire to live in a free, democratic Ukraine.

Пустая синяя полоска

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