The year of unbreakable!



February 24 is a difficult date. For Ukrainians, this is the day when rockets started falling from the sky, and Russian tanks started driving through peaceful cities, bringing destruction and death. Today is exactly one year since a full-scale war began in Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians, for the sake of salvation, left their homes - cities that have turned into ruins, like Mariupol, or stand with unhealed wounds, like Kharkiv and Kherson.
During this year, we experienced a lot of pain, anxiety and loss. Our courageous men and brave women went to the front to defend their native land and sky from the Russian invaders. And we, in turn, became a reliable rear for them and helped in every possible way: we held charity events, opened meetings, constantly handed over everything necessary to the front lines, from warm things and trench candles to thermal imagers and cars, and we will continue to do this until it reverberates throughout the country: "Hooray! We won!"

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

Пустая синяя полоска

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