National Anthem Day of Ukraine

01Today, March 10, our country celebrates a young but very important holiday - the National Anthem Day of Ukraine.

Today, in our time, "The glory and the will of Ukraine have not yet died..." is heard at official events and ceremonies, at sports competitions and public gatherings, it is heard powerfully and proudly by Defenders and Defenders on the front lines, in Russian captivity, children sing the anthem of Ukraine hiding in shelters and subways during air raids, in temporarily occupied territories and during the liberation of cities and villages. No matter what, it will reverberate throughout Ukraine and certainly on the day of Victory over the enemy!

National Anthem Day of Ukraine is a reminder of the importance of national identity, traditions and unique culture of our people.
This is exactly what the soul of the Ukrainian people who are fighting for their independence, will and future sounds like.
This is exactly what the unity and indomitability of the Ukrainian nation sounds!

Пустая синяя полоска

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