Mother's Day

International Mother's Day was celebrated by students of the faculty of preschool pedagogy and psychology

For Mother's Day, the Faculty of Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology announced an essay contest, in which 11 students of the first (bachelor's) level of 1-4 courses took part. Students gladly took advantage of the opportunity to express their boundless respect, love and gratitude to their closest people.
The working group for the development of the project included the Dean of the Faculty Bulgakova Olena Yuriivna, the Deputy Dean for educational work Nepomnyashcha Iryna Mykolaivna, the Head of student self-government of the faculty Vereshchagina Lyudmila and the Deputy Head of student self-government of the Faculty Kateryna Palamarchuk. The jury faced enormous difficulties in determining the winners, because each work deserved the highest rating.
In the end, the 1st place was shared by:
1. Anastasia Bondarenko (3rd year)
2. Pinonik Valery (3rd year)
3. Halyna Prokopova (4th year)
The 2nd place was shared by:
1. Pujailo Veronika (2nd year)
2. Romaliyska Nina (3rd year)
3. Polina Savchenko (1st year)
The third place was shared by:
1. Boeva Natalya (3rd year)
2. Elizaveta Gurko (3rd year)
3. Lysimenko Albina (3rd year)
4. Natalya Melnychuk (3rd year)
5. Fedorova Olga (4th year)
We sincerely thank everyone for their active participation in the remote project and wish them further creative success!

Пустая синяя полоска

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