Vyshyvanka Day

Before Vyshyvanka Day, a patriotic-educational event was held on the Teams platform for students of the first (bachelor's) level of 1-4 courses. Vyshyvanka Day is a relatively new national holiday, but nowadays this holiday is gaining even greater significance.
Students and teachers wore embroidered shirts to honor the cultural traditions of the Ukrainian people.
Olena Yuryivna, Bulgakova, Dean of the Faculty, addressed the audience with a welcoming speech. The history of the holiday and its meaning were discussed, accompanied by a presentation prepared by Pinonik Valeriya, a student of the 3rd year of the 1st group.
Students and curators of academic groups perceived the material with interest, responded briskly to the information offered, and actively participated in the discussion. Students who are forced to stay abroad expressed their personal impressions about the attitude of foreigners to the Ukrainian national shrine. Vyshyvanka unites Ukrainians all over the world, and colorful colors and magical patterns-symbols give strength to endure all the tests of fate!
The event took place in a friendly atmosphere, aroused genuine interest on the part of the student audience and became a powerful motivational stimulus for further study. We sincerely thank the curators O. G. Babchuk, N. M. Gudanich, and I. K. Mardarova for their assistance in holding the meeting. The attendees expressed their sincere gratitude to Iryna Mykolaivna Nepomniashcha for organizing the event.

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