A round table "United by philological science" at the Faculty of History and Philology


In order to popularize science among active and purposeful learners - future lexicographers and maintain a high level of training of graduates, it is important to involve young people as widely as possible in scientific work. The round table entitled "United by philological science", initiated by the members of the scientific circle "Innovations and technologies in philological education" and timed to the Day of Science, was specifically aimed at solving these tasks. Its purpose was to create a platform for free communication and exchange of ideas and experiences between young researchers in the field of philology and to encourage the creation of new scientific projects.

The participants of the round table were graduate students, students of the historical and philological faculty, the faculty of foreign languages, as well as senior students of the "Leader" lyceum. The participants had the opportunity to present the directions of their own scientific investigations and the results obtained from them. Manifestations of the author's individuality in linguistic texts, tolerance of the speech interaction of communicators in a scientific discussion, metaphor and analogy in popular scientific discourse on linguistic topics, editorial sense of language and language fashion - these and many other issues were actively discussed during the discussions.

The speeches of the young researchers were preceded by the reports of specialists of the department of Ukrainian philology and teaching methods of professional disciplines. Thus, Tetyana Ivanivna Krupenyova presented the report "Elite linguistic personality in scientific discourse", the scientific report of Oksana Anatoliivna Kucheryava "Lexical creativity as a manifestation of philologist's skill" aroused lively interest among those present. In the mode of interactive communication, a master class "Pedagogical interpretation of a scientific text" by Liliana Ivanovna Prokopenko was held.

So we wish everyone success on the difficult, but such a happy path of scientific research and discoveries. May the thirst for new knowledge never betray you, may inspiration always accompany you. New discoveries and achievements to you!

Happy Science Day, dear friends!

Пустая синяя полоска

© 2017 Ushinsky University
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