Iris Plein Air at the Faculty of Art and Graphics


On May 23, 2023, students of various courses, teachers, artists, future entrants, students of children's schools gathered in the open-air courtyard of the Faculty of Art and Graphics of Ushynsky University with the special goal of joining the beauty of nature, which at this time is blooming with irises.

Iris flowers were named in honor of the ancient Greek goddess Iris, who, in a dress decorated with irises, walked down the rainbow from heaven to earth and announced the will of the gods.

Even Leonardo da Vinci wrote that one should learn from Nature. Nature does not make mistakes either in forms, or in plastic, or in colors.

Drawings of flowers not only comfort the soul with their beauty and delight the eye, they teach us to see an extremely elegant form, a harmonious combination of colors and rhythms, and the open air combines everything around into a single "light-color-space". It is during such plein airs that the feeling and ability to convey proportions and plasticity develops, observation and color memory are hardened. The variety of flowers gives a wide field for creative experiments. Participants created sketches with various graphic materials, wrote sketches in watercolor and oil painting techniques.

During the plein air, recognized artists and teachers worked alongside young artists who had the opportunity to directly join the plein air tradition of the Odesa Art School. In the breaks, they drank tea with pies and chatted.

Based on the results of the plein air, it is planned to organize an exhibition of works.

The full photo report of Iris plein air is posted on the HGF page on the Facebook social network

Пустая синяя полоска

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