Open guest lecture for students of the second (master's) level of higher education of the EPP Secondary Education (Physical Culture)


On May 24, 2023, an open guest lecture was held for students of the first year of the second (master’s) level of higher education, specialty 014 Secondary Education (Physical Culture) of the Ushinsky University by Oksana Vasylivna Shukatka - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Faculty of Pedagogical Education Ivan Franko Lviv National University.

The guest lecture was held within the framework of the discipline "Methodological aspects of training physical culture teachers" and was devoted to the use of modern pedagogical and methodological approaches to their training (competency orientation; multilevel; professional orientation; professional and pedagogical motivation; contextual learning; integrative professional education; informatization, etc.).

The lecturer emphasized that when considering the task of improving the system of training physical culture teachers from the point of view of integration into the European educational system, it is advisable to take into account global trends in pedagogical education, since the key programmatic results of the training of future physical culture teachers are the ability to generalize and implement into practical activities advanced domestic and international experience in education (physical education), apply a creative and innovative approach in professional activity, design, construct and transform individual components of this activity, determine your educational needs and build the trajectory of your own career and professional development through self-education and self-development.

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